Alle Dingen Decor


Alle Dingen Decor

Here are some of our recent projects in collaboration with Alle Dingen. For any inquiries please contact us at 0837766905.

Bedroom Decor:

Definitely one of our most enjoyable projects yet. The client fully trusted us and is extremely satisfied with the end result. All decor items used are from our stores or manufactured in our workshop. The project was completed within 2 days.

Photographer ~ Leoné Venter
Painter ~ Sue Engelbrecht


Baby Room Decor

Alle Dingen made the triangle frames, and ‘A-frame’ of the nappy changing table to the desired measurements of the client. It was a privilege to be part of this beautiful baby room.


Living Room, Kitchen and Dining Room Decor

The only requirement of the client was to experience tranquility when coming home. We played around with furniture and artworks that were there and painted some of the existing decor items. It was a fun project to work on and the client was very satisfied.