NHBRC Approved

logoWe understand that building a home is a key milestone in anyone’s life.  Through the NHBRC enrolment process consumers enjoy several benefits including major structural warranty cover and access to our complaints procedure which aims to ensure that builders meet their obligations under the Act.

Home Enrolment benefits
•    Compliance to NHBRC’s Home Builders Manual, which sets minimum quality standards
•    NHBRC quality inspections during construction
•    Major structural warranty cover for a period of up to five years from date of occupation
•    NHBRC mediation between consumer and builder
•    Recourse through our complaints, arbitration and remedial processes

Speak to us
If, during the course of construction of your home, a defect occurs and you are having difficulty with your builder, speak to us.  The NHBRC will investigate the complaint, and if found valid, will contact the home builder and insist that the problems are attended to within a specific time frame. If the builder does not co-operate, the NHBRC may hold a meeting on site between the consumer and the home builder, which normally results in the builder honouring their warranty obligations. Additionally, the NHBRC publishes and distributes a list of its registered home builders and any builders who have been de-registered or suspended.

NHBRC Warranty Fund

NHBRC-Warranty-fund2The NHBRC warranty fund was established to cover consumers against major and defined structural defects for a period of up to five years. Enrolling your new home with the NHBRC is not only a statutory requirement but also affords consumers protection against contractors who deliver substandard design, workmanship and poor quality materials.

As a housing consumer you have the right to:
•   Within 3 months, instruct your builder to rectify non-compliance or deviation from the terms, plans
and specifications of your mutual building agreement.
•   Within 12 months, instruct your builder to repair roof leaks attributable to workmanship, design or materials.
•   Within 5 years, instruct your builder to rectify major structural defects identified in the home which have been caused
by non-compliance to technical building standards.

In the event that a builder is unable or unwilling to rectify reported defects, the NHBRC can rectify the defects, following the completion by the consumer of a complaint and conciliation process.